Wednesday, April 25, 2007

about the project

So far the project is framed around the question, "Is it meaningful to talk about queer spirituality?" (to which my answer is a resounding Yes). The reason I am asking the question is that some LGBT people reject the notion of a queer or LGBT spirituality because it sounds too much like essentialism; but because there is a distinctive queer experience, there is a distinctive queer theology and spirituality - not because LGBT people are inherently more spiritual, or only in the sense that people who occupy the role of outsider often have a shamanic quality about them (but the "outsideness" could be due to any aspect of the self, not just sexuality). As a bisexual, I do believe that spiritual androgyny is a desirable quality, as people who are stuck in one gender role are trying too hard to be normal, and it would be good if we all started just being ourselves and not worrying about conforming to gender roles; but then not everyone sees it that way.

Anyway, I am trying to identify distinct themes in queer spirituality, looking at Christianity, Paganism and some occultism. So far I have identified an interest in darkness (especially among LGBT Christians), receptivity and nature; justice and liberation; heroes and martyrs; finding the Queer in the Divine; finding the Divine in the Queer; the spiritual benefits of coming out. I am looking at LGBT art and writing, including blogs.

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