Monday, May 21, 2007

Meet the Sisters

Meet the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. Embarrassingly, I almost forgot to include them in my essay! How could I miss out such wonderful people? Not only do they dress in fabulous outfits, they also do wonderful work in raising awareness - of safer sex, LGBT rights, and AIDS. Their spiritual beliefs vary from atheist and agnostic to "a nice mix of Judaeo-Christian, Hindu, Buddhist and Wicca-Faerie Traditions. I guess I'm a Sufi of sorts". And they have such wonderful names - Sister Tilly Comes Again, for example. And their motto / mission statement is about spreading love and joy and dispelling guilt. Wonderful!

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MarmaladeGirl said...

I recieved your message in my blog. Thanks 4 your comment. I don't want appeal because they are very ignorant and bad people; my city is little and if I want to stay in Journalism world it is not convenient that I go publicly against them. In the small city the people speak so much, are gossiper and sometimes it's hard take this kind of decision...I think u can understand. The ignorant people together can be very bad and hurt.