Monday, November 26, 2007

LGBT heritage

It's interesting to see how the existence of LGBT heritage is increasingly being highlighted - mainly by the LGBT community:

Gay History - A Trail Exploring LGBT Heritage In London
The elegantly titled House of Homosexual Culture is another new project allowing Londoners to discover, discuss and enjoy gay cultural heritage.

Intercom: LGBT Heritage Project & LGBT History Month
LGBT Heritage Project. Heritage project across the South West Peninsula.

Manchester Pride LGBT Heritage Trail

LGBT Black History (alas, still suppressed)

Artifacts & Disclosures: Michigan's LGBT Heritage

Ellen Galford on Edinubrgh's LGBT heritage
“The Scottish capital, once a byword for a particularly narrow and hard-hearted Puritanism--has undergone an incredible transformation into a vibrant, diverse and cosmopolitan city.

“Edinburgh's LGBT communities have played a significant part in making this happen. This project is a unique historic record of our lives, our political struggles, and our cultural contributions not just to the city, but to society as a whole.”
The Rainbow Project – Blackpool’s LGBT heritage
Collecting Blackpool’s LGBT Heritage – the Rainbow Project seeks to preserve and safeguard the experiences of Blackpool’s LGBT community

LGBT History Month (February 2008) celebrates the lives and achievements of the LGBT community.

Queer History Links - a comprehensive listing of links to sites about LGBT history.

LGBT Religious Archives Network
Coordinates identification, collection and preservation of personal papers and organizational records from lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender religious archives.

Stonewall LGBT history

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