Tuesday, August 12, 2008

queer spirituality

Kittredge Cherry (a Christian blogger and author who is Pagan-friendly) asks, "Gay spirituality vs. everybody spirituality: A new closet?".

A few Pagans (such as Riverwolf and myself) have already commented. What do you think?

I think there is a distinct queer spirituality, not necessarily for any essentialist reasons, but because the queer spirituality that I have observed transcends more boundaries, includes more imagery that others can't handle, and GLBTQ people have carved out a niche for ourselves in traditions that sought to exclude us or ignore us. Also, it's not yet safe or appropriate to merge it all in with other forms of spirituality, because queer people are still excluded in many traditions, either by outright homophobia (as in many forms of Christianity) or by unthinking heterocentrism and gender essentialism (as is sometimes the case in Pagan circles).


Anonymous said...

Good summary--and thanks for the mention!

Stephanie said...

I agree, I agree, I'd like to hear more.

I write a queer spirituality blog and I would like to invite you to read/comment on it. I mostly work on the unthinking heterocentrism and gender essentialism and focus on the "transcending boundaries" aspect of Q-Spirit. I'd be especially interested in hearing more from you about the imagery you use or experience in queer spirituality.

More at: http://queeranda.filmartgender.com.

If you're wondering, I surfed in from a google blog search for "queer spirituality."