Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Is there a distinctly queer spirituality?

Contemporary Christianity and LGBT SexualitiesA very exciting thing happened this morning: my copy of Contemporary Christianity and LGBT Sexualities arrived, to which I contributed a chapter comparing LGBT Pagan and Christian spiritualities, to see if there is a distinctly queer spirituality (I concluded that there is, not for any essentialist reasons, but because it is rooted in LGBT experiences). This is my first proper academic publication (yay!)
  • Introduction: saints and sinners: contemporary Christianity and LGTB sexualities, Stephen Hunt
  • The gift (?) that dare not speak its name: exploring the influence of sexuality on the professional performances of gay male Anglican clergy, Michael Keenan
  • Between subordination and sympathy: evangelical Christians, masculinity and gay sexuality, Kristin Aune
  • Common pathways, different lives: comparing the ''coming out'' narratives of Catholic nuns and lesbians in Poland, Marta Trzebiatowska
  • Bisexual Christians: the life-stories of a marginalised community, Alex Toft
  • Transgendering Christianity: gender-variant Christians as visionaries, Andrew Kam-Tuck Yip and Michael Keenan
  • Human rights and moral wrongs: the Christians ''gay debate'' in the secular sphere, Stephen Hunt
  • Christians and gays in Northern Ireland: how the ethno-religious context has shaped Christian anti-gay and pro-gay activism, Richard O'Leary
  • Is it meaningful to speak of ''queer spirituality''? An examination of queer and LGBT imagery and themes in contemporary paganism and Christianity, Yvonne Aburrow
  • Trends in spiritual direction for LGBT people, Derek Jay
The book is a collection of papers from the British Sociological Association Sociology of Religion Study Group November Study Day 2007 on Religion, Spirituality and Gay Sexuality.


Lee said...

you mean you havent read this 'nugget'?


Yewtree said...

No, I haven't.

I glanced through it and couldn't see anything that wasn't the usual Wicca 101 book with a bit of lipstick slapped on it. Nothing about engaging more deeply with what polarity might mean, for instance (as far as I could make out).

KittKatt said...

Congratulations! This looks fantastic! I will definitely spread the good news through Jesus in Love.

Yewtree said...

Thanks Kitt! American readers might find it easiest to buy the e-book version from the publishers, by the way.

Anonymous said...


-- Jarred.

Rambling Rose said...

This looks great!