Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Same-sex marriages in churches campaign

Pink News Exclusive: Stonewall to fight for civil partnerships to be held in churches

Unitarians have consistently argued & campaigned for same-sex marriage to be performed in our churches. Why don't Unitarians ever get mentioned in these articles?
New-Unity announced in March 2008 that it would refrain from conducting legal weddings until the unfair ban on religious content in civil partnership registrations is lifted. Thus, we will perform blessings of both marriages and Civil Partnerships but will not include the portion of a wedding ceremony where the marriage is legally registered. We are very happy to bless the previously established legal unions for all couples. (from New Unity website)
I think the amendment to the equality bill would be a helpful step forward for those churches who want to perform same-sex marriages, but it shouldn't be allowed to distract from the campaign for full equality in this area (i.e. civil partnerships for heterosexuals & legal marriage for LGBTs).

Also, the whole marriage campaign shouldn't distract us from the importance of preventing homophobic bullying in schools and teen LGBT suicides resulting from it.


Anonymous said...

This doesn't surprise me. The Equal Marriage campaign have so far failed to publish on their website that the Pagan Federation (Scotland) has pledged to support full equality in marriage and civil partnerships alongside other religious groups. Seems discrimination works both ways, eh!

Yewtree said...

Er, yes, oops, I usually point out their failure to mention the Pagan position, but this was specifically about churches, so I slipped up.

Anonymous said...

Not commenting on your mention of the churches (or non-mention of Pagans) at all - simply commenting that it's not unknown for various LGBT organisations to discriminate against others, often blatantly, on all sorts of grounds, including religion.

Yewtree said...

Yes, sadly it is all true.