Thursday, March 15, 2012

Fiddling while Rome burns

The thing that really amazes me about those religious groups that are opposed to marriage equality is that they really have nothing more important to worry about than who puts what where and whether it is legitimised by the state or not.

Wake up, people! There are asylum seekers to help, starving children around the world, countries that execute LGBT people and emos (oh wait, religious conservatives probably agree with that), climate change, environmental destruction on a vast scale, persecuted tribal peoples... the list is very long - so why spend so much energy on preventing two people who love each other from getting married?

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Steve Hayes said...

I think they're all barking up the wrong tree (or perhaps it's different trees). Those who object to the state "redefining marriage", those who call for "marriage equality" -- the whole lot of them.

If churches object to the state "redefining marriage" then the answer is simple -- opt out, quit, go and do your own thing. Stop trying to have your cake and eat it.

I know you've seen this before, and have even commented on it, but I still think it's the best solution, though everyone seems to be overlooking it.

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