Monday, July 02, 2012

My UFO experience

So apparently it is World UFO Day today, so I thought I would celebrate by sharing my (one and only) UFO experience.

When I was six years old, I saw a UFO. And I mean Unidentified Flying Object. I have no idea whether it was of terrestrial origin or not. It was late at night, and I looked out of my bedroom widow, and I saw this thing (a drawing is on the right) hovering over the trees in the park. It was glowing, but seemed curiously flat - not curved or anything. I was scared, so I got back into bed and hid under the covers. That was it - there were no other phenomena associated with it.


Archdruid Eileen said...

I remember in Dunstable we saw them all the time. They would fly in very flat over the Downs, all flashing lights and roaring sounds.

If you were very lucky you could just make out the glyphs on the tail. "BEA". I wonder what it meant?

Yewtree said...

Ha ha :)

But as you can see from my drawing, mine was not a plane. It hung in the sky in the same way as bricks don't.

Liz said...

When you say "flat" - do you mean it was somewhat 2D-looking? In which case, could it have been a projection of some sort, or a crude hologram? Which year was this?

The object you drew obviously does have some curves - it is lens-shaped, particularly at the ends. But do you mean you don't feel it looked "sounded"?

I wonder what the vertical lines on it were - your thoughts? Usually, ppl see windows, portholes, or smaller bright or flashing lights on things like that, don't they?

So, did you tell your parents/ask around to see if friends/neighbours had also seen it? &have you ever reported the sighting to a UFO organisation?

1 more thought: could it have been an airship/blimp, do you think with hindsight?

Oh: and what colour was it? Time of night/year? Weather?

That's what they'll want to know.. :)

Yewtree said...

I mean it looked like a vertical surface rather than a curved or rounded one.

It was 1974 so could not have been a projection or a hologram. And anyway, it was pretty solid-looking.

I think the vertical lines were the edges of the window panes. The white bits were lit from within.

I drew a picture of it at school and the teacher didn't believe. Yes I did tell my parents, but did not ask neighbours etc.

Definitely not an airship or blimp.

It was white and glowing from within. No idea of the time of year or weather, though it was not raining. I was six; it was a long time ago.

Excellent questions!

Liz said...

Glad you liked 'em ! Been to a few UFO conferences in my time! :)

(Came to this roundaboutly via Gurdur's blog promoting a different post..)

Yes: 1974 was a long time ago! (I think we two are pretty much of an age - snap! :) ) The difference is, you had your own true-life unmistakeable UFO sighting! Whereas I still await mine.. A friend thinks she had one.

Now all you have to do is to officially file your report: there's plenty of detail there! (I recommend a) your local UFO association b} BUFORA (not a Yank, are you? MUFON?)

That's great and congratulations! :)

Liz said... Christmas I think: anyway, a dark winter evening looking out over some London rooftops. Filmed out of a window by two young teenage girls, who were obviously fascinated by it but laughing it off at the same time: singing some Christmas pop song "Jinglebell Rock"? but inserting their own fun-making rhymes about "an alien face" etc. (Very natural - not faked up at all.)

The reason I'm mentioning it is because it looked rather like yours! But somewhat further off. A brilliant light, but in a definite shape: lenticular! Probably a more perfect lens-shape than yours: no markings (not that it was near enough to see those) no different areas of light and dark, no other lights on it, no distractions. Just this brilliant silver lens, shining brightly in the night sky, a bit bigger than the moon usually is when you see it high in the sky. Difficult to gauge distance but definitely not a pinprick. (Never seen it or one very like it on telly.) Definitely not a plane! If an airship it was a pretty futuristic one..

Yewtree said...

Yes I suppose I could file a report... thanks.

Steve Hayes said...

That sounds like my one and only UFO experience. It was on 19 May 1964 and I was 23 years old. I saw a light moving across the western sky in the afternoon, and then it began moving in random directions, as if someone were jiggling it. I drew the attention of someone else to it, and he watched for a couple of minutes and moved on. So did I.