Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Finding Ada: Lisa Barone

This blogpost is part of Ada Lovelace Day, which is an international day of blogging to draw attention to the achievements of women in technology and science.

But many women go on to achieve great things in site of all this, and Lisa Barone is one of them. She writes:
I hate talking about gender. I hate talking about what it feels like to be “a girl” in tech or on the Web because it all feels like a bunch of crap and silly excuses. I’ve never felt hindered by my gender, never felt like I was looked down upon or treated differently. Never felt like I wasn’t put on a panel because I pee sitting down. But there are also a couple of things I’ve had working in my favor.
  1. I’m 27. I entered a workplace where ceilings were semi-shattered. I know that my mother did not.
  2. I’ve never treated myself or acted like I was inferior.
  3. I’ve never allowed others to make me feel that I was.
According to her profile:
Lisa Barone is Co-Founder and Chief Branding Officer of Outspoken Media, Inc. Lisa has been involved in the SEO community since 2006 and is widely known for her honest industry observations, her inability to not say exactly what she’s thinking, and her excessive on-the-clock Twittering.

Notable Achievements
  • Selected as a ‘Person to Watch’ for 2010 by Hudson Valley Magazine
  • Invited Guest, Google Search Relevancy Panel, Google Corporate Headquarters
  • Blog Editor, SmallBizTrends
  • Columnist, Search Engine Land
  • Columnist, Search Engine People
  • Columnist, Search Engine Guide
  • Nominated, Search Engine Journal’s Best Overall Search Marketing Blog, 2007
  • Nominated, Search Engine Journal’s Most Giving Search Blogger Award, 2007
  • Winner, 2007 SEMMY, Category: Best Search Tech
  • Winner, 2007 SEMMY, Category: LOL Funny
  • Expert Judge, 2008 SEMMYs
  • Expert Judge, Search Engine Strategies Awards 2008
  • Expert Judge, Search Engine Marketing Scholarship 2008
  • Featured Entrepreneur, All Over Albany
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