Sunday, March 14, 2010

religion for cats

I have just seen a photo of a "my cat is an atheist" T-shirt on Facebook, taken at the atheist convention in Melbourne. I commented that one of my cats is a pantherist, the other is a worshipper of Ceiling Cat (well she spends a lot of time lying on the floor staring at the ceiling). She also liked to sit on the back of my broom - I think she was hoping it would fly.

So, I give you: religion for cats.

Pantherism: the belief that the ideal state is to be a panther or other large predatory cat.

Pollytheism: the worship of parrots as sacred food.

Minnowtheism: the worship of fish as sacred food.

Belief in Ceiling Cat: Transcendent monotheism.

Belief in Basement Cat: the feline equivalent of satanism.

Hedonism: the natural default religion of all cats.

Cat-o-lick: belief that cats are deities and should be worshipped.


Kay said...

Very well done! My cats are all hedonists by the way. Although, come to think of it, one of them does spend an inordinate amount of time in the basement. Hmmm.

I tweeted this post!

Makarios said...

And then there's always The Tao of Meow.

sta┼Ťa said...

Oh, my gosh. Yes, yes, yes.

(I would read this to Their Royal Meowjesties, but, well, they'd be unimpressed. =^..^= )