Thursday, June 07, 2007

gay surreal abstract art

Technophilia by Frank Pietronigro
Frank Pietronigro's paintings are like a surrealist 3D version of Miro's paintings, with a dash of Kandinsky - well, that's the nearest I can get to describing it.

He also does installations, including one he did in free-fall on a NASA flight, and Documents: Deconstructing Homophobic Signifiers, where he stencils homophobic slang on the floor in salt and then people walk on it, literally destroying the homophobic words. What a great idea - kind of a magical act, really.

Another of his projects that was even more of a ritual was Angels of Alcatraz, where a bunch of people dressed as angels visited Alcatraz and filled it with positive energy, embodying a specific positive word and projecting their healing energies into anywhere that felt particularly negative. The aim was to send the energy across time to the prisoners. How beautiful.

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